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With more than 15 years’ experience in the tourism industry, in 2012, Ecohost Asia established with a focus on sustainable journeys, homestays formed an integral part of the experience. However, the quality was lacking.
Our team of three set about finding potential homestays and working with the communities to create a collection of higher-quality offerings, as well as coming up with itineraries of activities for guests to do in the area. “There needs to be some sort of products that can be developed for guests to do in the area as well, such as cooking, carrying out activities with the family, and learning about the culture.”
That was the inspiration behind Ecohost, which aims to help communities behind homestays, who often have little experience in marketing and selling their products. Through the Ecohost website, all of the homestays are uniformly packaged and presented, with the option to book.

A local tour specialist years of experience, Ecohost Asia does understand your concern and the value of your vacation. We create a collection of higher-quality offerings, coming up with both the stunningly spectacular landscapes and appropriate itineraries of activities for tourists in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. With the slogan “live as a real local person”, we offer you to stay at homestays based on your option to get the best experience in terms of cooking, carrying out activities with the family, learning about the culture, etc. To develop sustainable ecotourism and improve living standard for communities behind homestays, high-quality local products are presented through our websites with a wide range of options to book.

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Our Guests Feedback

Ms Jennifer Lincoln
It was a great experience when we visited and had lunch on the first day. After a day of fun we enjoyed the warm atmosphere of Ecohost - like our own house. Thank you so much Ecohost team and see you next year at the new Ecohost sites that you are building
Ms Jennifer Lincoln
Hi Ecohost team, Thank you very much for giving us a wonderful experience in Nam Dinh. Actually, I can say that we have traveled quite a lot in the world to explore the lives of indigenous people, but you gave me the most impressed. It's about the experiences, activities, local culture and more than just the quality of homestay. It was really the most memorable trip of my life. Thank you team!
Mrs Eileen Storey
We had a really good BBQ dinner at Ecohost in Giao Xuan, Nam Dinh when enjoyed Nam Dinh countryside tour from Sep 25-26. But what impresses us the most is the rest. Bed area is designed very impressed by the materials from nature, although simple but very delicate and we had a good sleep. Sure my friends will be the next guests of Ecohost. Cheers!
Mrs Eileen Storey

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