7 Reason To Fall In Love With Vietnamese People

Ecotourism trip to Vietnam

We can deny the gorgeous beauty of Vietnam with perfect long beaches, imposing mountains, mysterious caves, etc. However, the stunning landscape is not only making travelers get addicted to the beautiful S-shaped country, another main reason is the locals-Vietnamese people. Ecohost will list some reasons why you fall in love with the locals.

Reason 1 Vietnamese are very hospitable

Hospitable Vietnamese

It is common that you can be invited to the local house to enjoy dinner for example. Whenever you join a meal with some Vietnamese people, they always serve the best food for you regardless of their harsh life. Another example is that Brack Obama-President of the United States received the welcome of many Vietnamese people besides the usual diplomatic ceremonies.

Reason 2 Vietnamese are forgiving

Due to the different cultures and rules, it is unavoidable that you will seize some awkward moments. Just keep calm and say sorry as the locals are really forgiving. They won’t shout at your face or fight you over if you only make mistakes by chance. However, you should check the Vietnam culture of taboos (https://www.ecohostasia.com/vietnam-culture-taboos-dos-donts/) to show your respects to the locals.

Reason 3 They Respect the Elders

Vietnamese respect elders

This characteristic is deserved to be respected. Although the young country is affected strongly by the worldwide values nowadays, the youth are still taught to practice good manners and humility, especially respect the elders. When communicating with them, you can easily realize that through actions and sayings.

Reason 4 They Appreciate the Education

There are few countries in the world that put education on such an important level as Vietnam. The locals always keep up their tradition and make much effort to teach and learn. You are amazed when know how hard and smartly Vietnamese students study for an entrance exam to the top universities.

Reason 5 They are Master Chefs

Master chef in Vietnam

Vietnamese people love to eat, so they are good at cooking. To create an excellent and multi-cultural culinary which ranks the top 15 best foods across the world, the locals play an important role. Thanks to the characteristic of their handiness and creative minds, they can quickly adapt to the new cultural lessons, develop, and edit them to create a more suitable version. For example, “banh mi” originally is a kind of Western sandwiches, but it is impossible to find any “banh mi” as perfect as the Vietnamese version in any corner of Europe and America.

Reason 6 They are so Ambitious

Besides hardworking feature, the Vietnamese is hustling to go ahead. You can see it clearly when talking to the locals about their dreams or expectations. Any environment in Vietnam – the job market, for example, is hyper-competitive. Hence, the Vietnamese always try to make their ambition become true.

Reason 7 They Produce Delicious Coffee

Best Ha Noi Cafes Featured

As one of the world’s biggest Robusta coffee producers, Vietnam knows how exactly to produce delicious coffee. It is common that you see someone enjoy a coffee in one form or another in every corner of Vietnamese streets. It offers two typical kinds of Vietnamese coffee including condensed milk and black coffee. You can also get your caffeine fix with a yogurt coffee or egg coffee. Anyone who enjoys Vietnam coffee at coffee shops (https://www.ecohostasia.com/top-best-coffee-shops-hanoi/) cannot deny the great flavor.

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