ECOHOST – Preservation of Vietnamese Identity

Ecohost is founded by a team of experienced community-building product experts.

After a process of welcoming visitors and experiences about the needs and wishes of customers when experiencing travel services in homestay across the country, Ecohost was born to meet the needs of many travel agencies. , tourists and other community development stakeholders.

With a team of professionals in professional training, travel product development, expert team on technology solutions, expert sales and marketing experienced team, we believe that we will create high-quality tourism products of the community and meet the trend of the tourism market in the most accurate way based on international quality standards.

Ecohost selects the best solutions for travelers who are interested in exploring the region’s culture, developing the local economy, and wanting to contribute to the community while traveling.

Ecohost – An Innovative Tourism Model Based on Community


Ecohost – a high-quality tourism model based on community aims at tourists who desire to experience homestay services but still ensures good quality.
With its own criteria for sustainable tourism and tourism development based on community, Ecohost tends to reconstruct each region’s traditional houses, preserve locals’ cultural identity, generate jobs for the community, stimulate the advertisement of products, and design unique handicraft products, helping farmer improve their brocade products to meet customers’ demand. We try to sell handicraft products and agricultural ones locals make to tourists in order to increase profits for the community


Ecohost becomes the most popular business model of community tourism with a tendency to take highly responsible for the environment, culture, and people throughout Asia.


• Ecohost supports the tourism community through training, lending capital and broadcasting local images.
• Ecohost attracts domestic and foreign tourists to visit and experience as well as use local products on responsible and sustainable criteria.
• Ecohost builds and supports all eligible households who want to participate in welcoming local tourists.
• Ecohost ensures the best quality service, the most reasonable price for tourists and gives them the most impressive moments during the trip.

Core Values


– Support the community to develop environmentally-friendly and sustainable tourism.
– Provide the best products to customers at a reasonable price.


– Take responsible to the community where Ecohost participates in developing community tourism and tourists who always stand by eco-tours.


– Build destinations based on the criteria of sustainable tourism
– Try our best so that tourists can introduce products to each other voluntarily.

Resolutions the Model Brings

• Consult with households to upgrade their houses according to sustainable tourism standards.
• Show households the way to welcome and serve domestic and international tourists following high-quality tourism standards.
• Support the business development community with a modern trend.
• Build an effective quality management system according to technology 4.0 through websites and mobile apps.
• Indicate the way to develop traditional products.

Development Targets

• Build and support from 5 to 8 households.
• Support loans about 50 million maximum/ one household for the first 3 standard models.
• Increase the minimum income from 5 – 10 million / 1 household / 1 month.
• Appeal at least 1,000 domestic and international visitors / 1 year/ locality.
• Attract at least 30-50 local female workers.


• Ecohost obeys the sustainable tourism development criteria of responsible tourism organizations in the world such as Travel Life, RTC, ASEAN Home-stays, VTOS
• Ecohost develops tourism and household products based on locally available resources.
• There is an increase in demand for new products and destinations nationwide.
• Domestic and international tourists’ demand to experience the locals’ life gets more and more increasing.
• The demand for welcoming guests is also increasing.
• Ecohost receives the support of local authorities who desire to develop community tourism.
• The experienced founding team is so confidential


• Sites Ecohost built have not been attractive ones yet.
• Locals do not still gain good skills for serving tourists.
• The ability of each household to respond to large groups is not good enough.
• Households are not really willing to spend their initial investment.
• Local infrastructure to welcome tourists does not obtain high-quality.
• Households are not familiar with the application of modern technology.


• International tourists
– From travel agencies
– Through technology (websites, mobile apps)
• Domestic tourists
– Pupils, students
– Experts

Standards to select hosts

HOUSEHOLDS achieve the criteria set by ECOHOST
• Their houses still keep ancient structure and wooden materials.
• There is a spacious garden so that tourists feel relaxed and experience the family atmosphere.
• Houses’ furniture was produced before 1990 such as mahogany collapsible, old cabinet, ancient tea table set, a gate built following ancient architecture, etc
• The houses use natural materials such as bamboo and rattan weaving, sedge mats.

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