The Best Things to Do & See in Sapa

The Best Things to Do and See in Sapa vietnam ecohost

Sapa in the northwest of Vietnam is well-known for its picturesque landscapes of lush rice paddies, rolling hills, Vietnam’s top mountains, and magnificent valleys. Besides, you can explore many culture and customs of diverse ethnic groups and the friendly local people when reaching Sapa. To get an amazing adventure in this stunning site, a great list of the best things to see and do in Sapa is given to you below.

Sapa Attractions

Trekking in Sapa

It is a big mistake if you miss one-day trek when you travel around Sapa. There are lots of routes and villages which are so long and difficult to transfer but very marvelous, therefore, it is necessary for you to hire a local guide. It depends on your demand where you should head to.

sapa trekking

If you are a nature lover, you should choose the way to trek around Lao Chai – Ta Van. Trekking 2 villages, you can experience all spectacular beauty of endless paddle fields and witness the life of H’mong people and their costumes. If you want to explore more culture, you should discover Ma Tra – Ta Phin. It comes as a surprise that local people here will indicate to you how to make brocade, ask you to dip yourself into the herbal leaves of the Red Dao ethnic minority or teach you how to cook special dishes.

Shopping for Local Handicrafts at Sapa’s Market

The main market in Sapa offers you lots of handicrafts, traditional clothing items, unique souvenirs, and hiking gear made by local people. Although the price of all items here is much cheaper than that of many little shops around the city, you should make a bargain. In addition, it is worth trying special food of ethnic groups, which is so totally different from other places in Vietnam.

sapa market

Exploring the Marvelous Waterfalls in Sapa

It is for sure that you will have a strong impression on some stunning waterfalls in Sapa. Do not miss these following waterfall! Cat Cat Waterfall is located in Cat Cat Village. You will have a chance to step over a small bamboo bridge to admire the spectacular waterfall.

sapa waterfall

Besides a majestic beauty of Thac Bac waterfall, this site offers you wild features, terraced fields, lavish forest, and various flowers. Love Waterfalls located in San Sa Ho Commune is a must-visit destination. From afar view, this waterfall is similar to the sparkling stream of light. Remarkably, you will have a chance to hear a legendary love story, which creates the name of this waterfall. Although it is safe for you so dip into some waterfalls in Sapa, you do not seem to do that due to the cold weather.

Conquering Fansipan – the Roof of Indochina with the Heights of 3,143 meters

Fansipan – the highest mountain in Indochina is a spotlight of this town. Conquering the peak of the mountain, you seem to touch the cloud and witness the fabulous views you never forget in your life. If you are a kind of risk person, you can trek to the peak of Fansipan. It is highly recommended that you should hire a local guide in order to avoid some troubles on the way.

fansipan sapa

If you only spend a little time in Sapa, do not worry because you can reach the top mountain by caber car, which only takes more than 30 minutes. From a high position of caber car, you can totally admire a stunning view of the whole city.

Experiencing a Night in a Local Homestay

Local homestay will contribute some great things to your memorable trip in this highland area.  You will be welcomed by lovely ethnic people who are so kind and hospitable. Do communicate to them so that you can observe a significantly unique culture and customs, which carries a distinctive huge one, compared to other groups in Vietnam.

sapa local homestay

Tasting Specialties in Sapa

Sapa is well-known for the unique food heaven in Vietnam. Some dishes you can try are Thang Co, pau play day cake, Salmon Sour Hotpot, bamboo sticky rice, Tao Meo wine – a local whiskey, black mushroom, black chicken, etc.

sapa foods

Few Tips before Visiting Sapa

  • Bring your umbrella and a raincoat due to the flexible weather.
  • Carry a thick jacket together with you.
  • Wear a pair of good shoes.
  • Ask the price before buying anything.
  • Do not hesitate to make a bargain.
  • Do not give money to children in Sapa because they tend to become a beggar and do not want to go to school.
  • Do not give candy to children here because candy will damage their teeth.
  • Never say “maybe” to local sellers on the road as a fact that they will go after you till you decide to buy.

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