Ecohost Hai Hau Tour 2 Days Diary from Mrs. Nguyen Thu Ha

Nam Dinh shore activities

by Ecohost Hai Hau. Let’s follow our footsteps!

First and foremost, my family was totally mesmerized by the antique beauty of Co Le Pagoda as the first destination. The Pagoda carries the architectural features of Ly Dynasty and it was restored in 1936. It is noticeable that the pagoda was designed as a cathedral but the locals worship Buddha in external structure. In addition to spectacular views, all of my family members observed more knowledge about Buddhism – Vietnam’s spiritual tradition.

Visit Co Le Pagoda

The second site we set feet on is Co Chat Silk Village. It is said that Co Chat girls have experienced weave since they were unborn children for 9 weeks 10 days. In the past, these girls’ mothers pulled the yarn by hands but not use power-loom. Thanks to the developing technology, they weave more quickly than they did but a bright face of the local child still features Co Chat people. Especially, Co Chat Silk Village always has the characteristic taste of boiled pupa. Tourism in the village has not been developing, so the infrastructure is still pristine.

After that, we were in a hurry to transfer to Ecohost Hai Hau to enjoy lunch and check-in. This ancient homestay which is well-known for its antique collection is equipped with conveniences to welcome tourists. All of the rooms are quite clean and spacious. The staffs in traditional loose-fitting blouse are super friendly and fervent. Especially, my family was overwhelmed by the savory local cuisine when enjoying lunch. We were served a wide variety of authentic dishes such as spring roll (nem nam), sticky rice mingling with grilled squid, Fresh water-crab soup, etc. And then, my family took a short rest at Chay House.

In the afternoon, my family took a ride to explore the spectacular landscapes and local culture in Hai Hau. Hop on a bike, we realized that Hai Hau boasts “city inside countryside”. Dip ourselves into the atmosphere; we admired large roads, high-rise buildings, unique pagodas, and magnificent temples. We were immersed in traditional villages of trumpet, wood, and carving.

Pham Phao village of making trumpet

Despite exploring a journey at 20 km on the river roads, all of us were not exhausted thanks to gentle breeze blowing from the river. We were also welcomed by Nam Dinh people’s appealing smile. The locals here are very affluent but they do not show off, which makes tourists admire them a lot.

One indispensable experience is that we felt so relaxed with a basin of foot-soaked leaves at Ecohost. And we had dinner later and stayed overnight at Chay House.

To start an exciting second day, my family headed to visit the village where the locals make fish nets after finishing breakfast. Each net is 300 meters high and 1000 meters long. Every time the locals let down the fishing nets and gather up fish of every kind. It is noted that you can take gorgeous photos on the background of new fishing nets but you shouldn’t touch the old ones due to their dirt.

Continue the journey with a visit to Bach Long Salt Village. It was not sunny on that day, hence it is impossible for the locals to create the spotlessly white salt grains. On the whole salt fields was there only one farmer cleaning his fields.

Bach Long Salt Village

“The process of making salt requires us lots of time, effort, and sweat; however the salt price often fluctuates and remains low. There was a time when its price was about 1000d/ kg” that farmer said. There is something that’s saltier than salt when my family fully understood the locals’ harsh lives.

Afterward, we got lost in Phu Nhai Church-the Brassica in Vietnam. My family had a strong impression on its splendid beauty of French Gothic architecture and its interesting history. It was so lucky when we could attend a solemn ceremony in the church to see Christians head a religious mass.

End the tour! Ecohost hopes that you can know how amazing Ecohost Hai Hau is and take some tips to travel Nam Dinh in the upcoming time thanks to the authentic experience from Mrs Ha.

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