An Essential Guide to Nam Dinh Historical Museum

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In addition to its majestic beauty and specialties during Nam Dinh eco-tour, you can have a chance to observe Vietnam’s cultural characteristics as well as history at different stages when exploring Nam Dinh Museum. Be immersed in Nam Dinh Museum to witness Vietnam’s gorgeous history pages and hear a wide variety of interesting stories as well.

History of Nam Dinh Museum

Nam Dinh Museum is one of the provincial museums built quite early in Vietnam. The precursor was the culture room constructed in 1958 and the Provincial People’s Committee decided to establish the museum until 1980. From then, the Provincial Museum has officially become a cultural institution with full conditions to ensure the operation of a provincial museum. In 2011, Nam Dinh Museum was ranked 2nd in Vietnam museum system

nam dinh historical museum

What to See in Nam Dinh Museum

The museum’s exhibition space consists of two parts including interior and exterior. With a collection of nearly two thousand documents and ancient objects displayed in the museum, the exhibited content contributes to reflecting vivid and comprehensive characteristics of the province’s social history through various periods. Each historical period offers many collections of priceless artifacts such as stone sculptures of Chuong Son tower, terracotta objects from Ly Dynasty, architectural materials and Buddhist statues from the Tran dynasty, ceramics from the Le – Mac period, wood and bronze sculptures at the time of Hau Le, 41 bronze items, nine stone axes, jars, ceramic dishes dated back from the first century to the 16th century, etc.

nam dinh historical museum attractions

The most fascinating point of the museum is discovering a relic of Nam Dinh flagpole – one of the six flagpoles all over the country built by the Nguyen Dynasty in the early nineteenth century. This artistic work not only carries historical significance but also contains spiritual values, which attracts your interest a lot. Moreover, the flagpole also is a place to dedicate to Princess-Nguyen Thi Trinh who protected the flagpole and Nam Dinh food warehouse during the anti-French period in the late nineteenth century. The Flagpole displays some documents and images of the ancient Citadel, helping you get more deep knowledge of Vietnam history.

Time to Visit Nam Dinh Museum

Opening Time: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

In case, a group of tourists want to explore the museum except for the above days, please contact directly to the museum through the following suggestions:
Tel: 0350 3849293 or +84 915303620
Fax: 0350.3866093

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