FAM of Phu Tho Group to Hai Hau & Giao Thuy, Nam Dinh: Interesting, Impressive & Memorable

FAM of Phu Tho Group to Hai Hau and Giao Thuy Nam Dinh vietnam ecohost

Phu Tho Group’s recent visit to Hai Hau and Giao Thuy in Nam Dinh province was warmly welcome by Ecohost, one of the leading operators in terms of eco-tourism and deluxe homestays in Asia. The deputation joined in the featured tour provided by Ecohost to gain true experiences of the rural life in the Vietnamese countryside.

General Information about Hai Hau & Giao Thuy

Nam Dinh province has long been considered the root of Vietnam and preserving a ton of cultural values. Especially, Hai Hau puts its name on the map thanks to the home to rice while Giao Thuy is a rich mix of natural landscapes and pristine fishing villages. The age of this land is lively shown through historical relics along with ancient constructions.

The Visit of Phu Tho Group to Hai Hau & Giao Thuy

Members of Phu Tho Group played a role as the first-time tourists to Hai Hau and Giao Thuy. They were taken to ancient houses where they can get a deeper look at the life of locals. Each one is the close area including a garden, a yard, and a house. The house was built with the style of traditional Red River Delta style seen by some characteristics such as wooden furniture, big wooden pillars, an altar at the center or elaborate sculptures at every corner of the house.

architecture of traditional house in Hai Hau Nam Dinh

But this construction is only a small part compared to the size of the host’s land since it is surrounded by a large garden with the theme of nature. The deputation spent a large amount of time strolling around the garden, watching the trees with amazing shapes and designs.

garden of a house in Hai Hau Nam Dinh

Right at these houses, Phu Tho group saw the talented hands of outstanding Chefs when cooking Nam Dinh traditional cuisine from fresh local ingredients. It is really a wonderful moment to enjoy the mouth-watering dishes for lunch among the peaceful ambiance.

enjoy lunch in Hai Hau

After lunch, the trip continued with the visit to historical relics and ancient constructions in Hai Hau and Giao Thuy. It is the old pagoda of the sacred tower and solemn houses. Then, the group paid a visit to the roof-tiled bridge and the traditional village of making brass bands.

pagoda in Hai Hau Nam Dinh

The Feedback of Phu Tho Group about the Visit

After the one-day trip to Hai Hau and Giao Thuy, Phu Tho group was really impressed by the peaceful and rustic life of people in Nam Dinh. “The foods are amazing and the houses are wonderful as they are all surrounded by the green of trees.” said one member of Phu Tho group. It is Ecohost’s pleasant to bring unforgettable experiences in Hai Hau and Giao Thuy and to make traditional values closer to tourists all over the world.

roof-tiled bridge in Nam Dinh

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