Q1. What is ECOHOST?
Ecohost is a high-quality community tourism model which is built basing on facilities available at local households and supported to be upgraded by Ecohost to gain international quality to host guests. Ecohost will train the households on professional skills and help them find guest sources, from which activities, the households can make increase in their income and also enjoy new happiness when receiving and serving tourists during their experiences and visit at the local.
Q2. What are conditions for participation in Ecohost?
Expecting to be a member of Ecohost system, your household should have sufficient conditions on basic infrastructure and facilities such as empty rooms for accommodation, personnel to receive guests and serve in their mealtime, break time as well as communicate with them. Moreover, surrounding environment should be clear, the house is near beauty spots, river, stream, fall, lake or has unique and ancient architecture. Especially, family members must be hospitable and always willing to receive guests and friends.
Q3. How to apply for participation in Ecohost model?
Households desiring to join in Ecohost community tourism model can contact Distribution Office of Ecohost in Hanoi- Address: 106 Ton Duc Thang - DongDa – Ha Noi – Tel 024 6680 1521 – Email [email protected]or hotline 0913388111 –or using guidance onwebsite: www.ecohostasia.com
Q4. How to know my family is selected to enter into the standard model to receive International guests of Ecohost?
Upon reception of application for participation in International quality community tourism model of Ecohost, we will assign our officers to the household to assess potentialities and quality. If all requirements of Ecohost are met, we will prepare a contract of cooperation with the household in which agreement on particular items related to actual conditions of the household are stated.
Q5. Will we be guided the way to serve guests? We have not ever done this before, can we do it?
When the household is selected to sign contract with the Company, you will be trained profession of reception and serving guests including: Nghiệp vụ làm buồng phòng, cooking, guidance and communication skills to ensure Ecohost standard compliance when guests accommodate in the household.
Q6. Will we pay for the training made by Ecohost?
For each selected place, we will work with local authority to make cooperation in promoting and advertising attractions and products of the local. If this training work is assisted by local authority or another organization, then expense for the awareness and profession increase will be paid by them. If not, Ecohost shall make a contract in which the training expense is regulated to be subtracted from income obtained from guests who visit the household.
Q7. What benefits and how is the income we can get from participating in Ecohost model?
Each family receiving guests will get income from guests’ utilization such as room rental, meal service or from buy agriculture products, craft produced by the household.
Q8. How will policy of revenue distribution between Ecohost and the household be made?
Ecohost supports with regard to product establishment, training, finding customers, business development and obtaining revenue for household basing on our profession and online system. Therefore, we will collect fee for particular service item provided per as mutual agreement between parties- assistance fee ranges from 30% to ensure benefit of both parties.
Q9. Will we be supported with respect to finance for investment in upgrading the quality per as standard of the model when joining in Ecohost system?
Ecohost assist the households to do business in conformity with standard and quality of Ecohost International standard model. Participating in the system, the households get not only professional but also financial support to upgrade quality in accordance with Ecohost quality. We also give loan to households to renovate quality and the payment will be subtracted from transactions in which we bring guests to households. Interest rate will be applied for each signature time.
Q10. What are potential risks we can suffer from when participating in the model? Will we be ensured safety when receiving guests? Will precious things be kept in security?
Almost every guest we receive are those who desire to experience a different culture. They can come from either domestic areas or International countries and in various classification. You should arrange household things in a tidy way suitable for regular reception. In case that any guest commits law or the household’s regulation, we will support the household to make solution or compensation. All regulations of the family are noticed prior to guests’ visit. Moreover, most of guests are qualified and all information is in our control, we always try to restrain and produce specific regulations to ensure safety for both the households and guests when they use services in Ecohost system.
Q11. How is payment made? Will the Company pay us or we collect directly from customers?
Ecohost remains our own policy on payment made by customers when ordering services through Ecohost system. We also have another policy on payment made to households in conformity with general payment standard- Expenses arising from customers’ separate use are not under the service package indicated on the system and will be collected by households in hand. The payment will be made by Ecohost to households between 5th and 10thdays of each month.
Q12. In case of guests’ claim on improper service, will the payment be ensured?
Basing on information provided by customers when they claim, we will solve their problems in order to ensure mutual rights. Households must guarantee their service quality and customers must commit their behaviors when staying at the households taken into our system.
Q13. Can households who have joined or are participating in receiving guests enter into Ecohost model?
Ecohost acts mainly on basis of community development and assistance. Therefore, we welcome all households once did similar business and need our support as long as they can guarantee service quality, standard and regulation we indicate.
Q14. If we want to stop the participation in Ecohost model, what obligations must we finish?
During the cooperation period, if either party wants to stop the business, such as: when service quality of the household becomes disqualified or the household has changes which lead to disqualification, then the contract will be considered to be liquidated. Basing on the fact, assets invested or provided by Ecohost will be given back Ecohost when there is no mutual binding with respect to facilities and finance, the contract will be liquidated.
Q15. When separating from Ecohost system to run our own business, will we have to make any payment? Can we use Ecohost’s facilities to continue our operation thereafter?
After contract liquidation and the households are not in Ecohost system, all facilities under Ecohost standards will be returned to us and the households are not allowed to use Ecohost brand name.Any violation of the households will be solved by legal regulation. We will not cause any impact on the households’ activities thereafter.
Q16. During cooperation period, beside customers provided by Ecohost, can we use the ones that we ourselves find out?
Ecohost has our own agreement on business and cooperation, in which guest sources are regulated: we encourage the households to actively search for customer source and to provide them with available services which bring about the highest revenue. However, household should ensure proper schedule agreed with Ecohost so that the visits are not overlapped, preventing impact on service quality and brand name of Ecohost. If the households fail to comply with the regulation, which leads to any defect on the system, then they must make compensation to customers.
Q17. For customers visit without booking or not through the system, what can we do?
For any customers without prior reservation, household must inform Ecohost office so that we can identify customers’ information and source. If not, we cannot ensure safety for the household and will not take any responsibility for security disorder happens to the household.
Q18. How are customers we receive? Is he safe?, Can we refuse to serve them?
When receiving customers, if the household finds out any problem or suspect from the customers that can harms safety, the household can reject the booking and refuse to provide services as long as they can provide reasonable evidence.