Homestay – A Booming Trend in Vietnam

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The phenomenon of accommodation when tourists travel around Vietnam has undergone a complete change in the past few years. Nowadays, travelers prefer homestays to hotels or guesthouse. As a result, Vietnam homestays is a travel trend.

What is Homestay?

A homestay means that travelers can rent separate rooms from the local family for their accommodation. They will have a chance to join family activities like meals and outing or learn more about the host’s customs. To develop sustainable tourism, encouraging Vietnam homestays is necessary.

Why is Homestay a New Trend in Vietnam?

Fit for your Wallet

Homestays still keep you some sweet memories without making a big hole in your pocket. It is for sure that homestay facilities meet your demand, which can overwhelm even many hotels.

Meet Local People & Share a Meal

When you choose to stay in a homestay, you will have an opportunity to communicate with local people to get some experiences or some hidden stories you never get in other forms of accommodation. You also know more about the destination through the eyes of the local people. In addition, you will know more about native cuisine when sharing a meal with them.

Local meal

Observe the Local Lifestyle

Interacting with the local family who always welcomes you with their warm hospitality also provides you with a deep insight into local life and their culture. It is a great chance to live like a local person when you are traveling.

Experience “Home away from Home”

Homestays offer you a homely atmosphere. You totally feel comfortable as if you are staying at home. In addition to the kind of family members, homestays bring you into a safe place to stay. You do not worry about your safety and focus on exploring your adventure.

experience local homestay

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