Hung Kings Commemoration Day 2019 – Vietnam Festival

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Hung King is the first dynasty that the Vietnamese always show deep gratitude towards. Hence, Hung Kings commemoration Day is celebrated on the tenth day of the third lunar month every year in Phu Tho so that Vietnamese can commemorate their ancestors as well as emphasize concepts like national unity and friendship.

History of Hung Kings Dynasty & Its Festival

Legends showed that the Vietnamese are the descendants of Lac Long Quan and Au Co. After their marriage, they gave birth to one hundred children, a half following mother to the mountain, the rest following father into the sea. Their eldest son came to the throne by himself, established the State “Van Lang”, and set up his kingdom at Phong Chau – Phu Tho Province now. The reign of Hung Kings has become a significant period in Vietnam’s history, building up the country’s foundation, tradition, culture, and a set of national values. After the death of Hung Kings, the commemoration day has been celebrated in various ways throughout Vietnam for many years. In 2017, the day became an official holiday, making one day away from work to honor our origin and nation’s history with beloved family & friends.

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Hung Kings Commemoration Day in 2019 & 2020





14 Apr


Hung Kings Commemoration Day

15 Apr


Hung Kings Commemoration Holiday


2 Apr


Hung Kings Commemoration Day

Celebrations of Hung Kings Commemoration Day

The Procession

The Hung King festival occurs at Nghia Linh Mountain near Viet Tri City. To pay tribute to the Hung Kings, the Vietnamese carry a wide range of offerings such as fruits, specialties, and flowers from the foothills to the High Temple at the top. Burning incenses is a formal way to show your respects and let them hear all of your wishes through the smokes. Like other processions, the parade of Hung Kings Commemoration Day is very colorful. The participants wear colorful costumes and traditional garbs to repel misfortune. The procession is also a good way to educate young people about Vietnam’s tradition and customs.

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Live Music Performance

Discovering the festival, many Vietnamese attend live music performances to reconnect with their traditions and cultural roots. Almost all performances are related to traditional styles of singing and dancing.

Traditional Activities

To reinforce traditional values, the Vietnamese people also participate in a wide variety of games such as chess, chicken kicking, wrestling, etc. Each game requires its own strategy against their friends and opponents.

traditional culture at hung king festival

Besides folk games, many interesting activities are held with the aim of giving a chance for artist or talented chefs through competitions such as making Chung cake – a traditional cake during Lunar New Year, folk song competitions, traditional sports, the exhibition of artifacts, etc. If you set foot on S-shaped beautiful country to discover Vietnam Ecotourism, take time to explore Phu Tho and its cultural heritage.

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