Notes For Fansipan Cable Car Eco-Trip In Sapa

Fansipan Cable Car Eco-Trip In Sapa

Fansipan – the roof of Indochina and the stunning panoramic view of Sapa challenge adventurers by hiking 2-3 days, which prevents lots of people from admiring these breathtaking views. However, from now on, you can reach to the peak of Fansipan to gaze out to the imposing mountainous scenery within just 20 minutes in a cable car. To fulfill your memorable eco-tour with safety and joy, Ecohost delivers you essential notes you should keep in mind.

Notes to Remember in a Cable Car

Fansipan Cable Car Price

Note to remember in a cable car

Sapa town offers a few places where you can buy tickets to Fansipan cable car. If you join a big group or discover Sapa in the peak season, you had better book in advance with local operators or hotels without queuing in a long time. If you are in a small group or travel in the low season, you can buy tickets directly at Sun Plaza. It is possible that you can get a discount voucher for food services in Fansipan Legend. The cable car cost is 700.000 VND/pax/round trip and 500.000 VND/child/round trip (1-1.3m tall)

Operation Time

The operation time of Fansipan cable car lasts from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm daily, so it is impossible to catch sunrise or sunset on the top of Fansipan. However, try to be here at noon when it is less foggy and vibrant sunshine with a cool breeze, helping you to enjoy the spectacular landscape here and catch the best photo-shoots.
The Difference in Altitude and Temperature
The difference between the two terminals is 1410m and it only takes about 20 minutes to reach this height. Therefore, it is easy for you to get tinnitus and a slight elevation shock since your body does not adapt to the new height. In this case, try to take a deep and steady breath. Plus point that contact the station staff immediately for medical assistance if you get trouble breathing.

Temple System in Fansipan

temple system in sapa

Fansipan complex offers a temple system, so you should wear discreet and polite clothes in a spiritual and sanctuary place. Although you are getting lost in the Buddha realm, do not forget to pray for yourself and your family. Try to get over 600-step climb to discover a series of bronze statues, bell tower & Palaces and dip yourself into the meditation music which is very pleasant, feeling like a motivation to forget the tiredness. Especially, it is a great opportunity to admire the statue of Amitabha Buddha – the highest bronze statue in Vietnam with 21.5m and a symbol of Fansipan spiritual culture.

Food Center in Fansipan Legend

Special food in Sapa

It is a big mistake when you miss enjoying food at Do Quyen Restaurant (at Fansipan Station) and Hai Cang Restaurant (at Sapa Station). The restaurants and coffee shops here provide a wide variety of European and Asian dishes as well as specialties of Sapa such as lon cap nach, salmon hotpot, grilled fish, etc at a reasonable price. Not only brand and taste of each dish but also the space of elegant French architecture blended with North West culture style in each detail creates the difference in taste food here.

Van Son Tea House

Van Son Tra Quan

On the 600-step climb to Fansipan top, near the Lower Temple, you can see Van Son Tra Quan whose design is similar to Tru Vu Tea House in Ba Na Hills with style of tea ceremony. Enjoy a cup of hot tea in the cold weather, watch Do Quyen flowers, and touch the clouds around, promising an unforgettable moment.

600-Step Climb to the Fansipan Peak

It is for sure that you are curious about why I remind 600-step hiking many times above and where it is. After you get off the cable car, you will need to get over 600-step climb to reach the peak. In case, you get trouble hiking, there is another option for you. You can catch the train with the price for a two-way-ticket of 150.000 VND.

Who Should not Take the Caber Car?

To ensure your health, people with respiratory, heart problems or acrophobia should not conquer Fansipan. Remember to rest for the body to easily adjust to the temperature and climate.

Rules when Staying at Cable Car

  • Do not bring toxic chemicals, explosive materials, and prohibited substances to the cable car.
  • Do not carry the food from outside to the cable car except for water.
  • Do not move when the cabin runs. Sometimes the cabin will swing lightly; however, you do not worry because it is a very normal thing.

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