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Bac Ninh strongly impresses you with the land of Ly Dynasty’s gorgeous history pages, stunning sceneries, and peaceful ambiance. Discover Buddhism – a spiritual tradition in Vietnam through a series of pagodas and temples such as Phat Tich, But Thap, Dau Pagodas, Do Temple, and Dinh Bang Communal Houses. Be amazed at unique arts in some tradition handicraft villages like Dong Ho Pain, Dai Bai Bronze, Phu Lang Pottery, etc. Moreover, Quan Ho folk songs considered the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO never makes you disappointed. Take time in Bac Ninh to fulfill your best Vietnam vacation.

Introduction of Ecohost Tea Plantation in Bac Ninh

Ecohost Tea Plantation was designed with his heart and soul by musician Duong Thu. He has the great experience and a high level of architecture, sculpture and intellectual’s culture. Ecohost Tea Plantation has 3 main areas including ancient houses, utility areas for family and relaxing stilt houses with small swimming pools for family enjoyment.

There is a notion that the thoughts about life will be left behind whenever you enter the gate called Thanh Nhan Gate. Step through the gate as if you get lost in a tranquil space where you can enjoy a subtle space of a famous artist family.

Its northern architecture comprising the walls of the house decorated with flower patterns such as peach blossom, lotus, sesame flowers; diospyros decandra in the middle of the yard, jackfruit and star fruit around the house creates a quiet space.

The ancient house at the age of over 100 years collected by Duong Thu from another place was built here in 1997. The house has been replaced the tile. The architecture of the old wooden frame usually follows the standard principles, therefore, he wants to remain not only the ancient house but also the method of building an ancient house to pass from this generation to next one. Traditional doors and three compartment house were changed to meet the demand of the family such as a tea room, private toilets. The ancient house also preserved some antique objects like sac phong trunk, piano attached to the career of the musician. The arrangement in the house as an art indicates the culture, the way of life, the soul, and the essence of the owner.

Utility area for the family includes living room, bedrooms, kitchen, working rooms, movie studios, as well as gymnasiums. All of these nice designs are not too large, not too small, enough for his family to enjoy life.

Located in the area is also the communal house in the middle of the lake where you can go sightseeing for relaxation and the musicians admire the life and compose.

Do not ignore a small stilted house behind the house built on the mountain slope. The house is collected as a charm on the purpose of reading books there and walking along the tea plantation. A nice swimming pool next to the house is also full of utilities for you to enjoy the small party with your family and relatives.

The space blends with both ancient and modern architecture, interior standard, interconnected pathways, garden and lake rising lotus and water lily.