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Hoa Binh Ecohost Packages

Enjoy absolute peace away from bustling cities and then open your soul to the real nature in Hoa Binh with breath-taking landscapes such as lush valleys, imposing mountains, tea plantation, blossom, caves, streams, etc. Explore deeply the real life of Vietnam ethnic groups through a series of experiences like a local. Take a picture and record your sweet moments in Hoa Binh.

Best Things to Do & See in Hoa Binh

Explore White Stone Valley

White Stone Valley (Thung Khe Pass) with white high peaks seems to connect with the sky, which makes anyone feel like standing in the middle of the chilly winter of some remote European countries. From a high position of the valley, you can totally admire a stunning view of the whole village blending with some imposing mountains and drifting banks of clouds as well. Besides the grandiose beauty of the pass, you can pay a visit to a local market on the pass to experience more customs and specialties in Mai Chau.
thung khe pass hoa binh

Trek around Pu Bin

Soak in nature, it’s a must-do-thing to trek from this village to other villages. As a result, you will have a great chance to experiences villages’ activities such as herbal foot bath, cooking demonstration, mua sap – a kind of dancing performance, etc. In addition to locals’ interesting activities, you can discover Love Valley covered with pine forest where stories of love began. It is adjacent to the lake, which makes the beauty of the valley become more poetic and seductive for travelers and lovers.
pu bin mai chau hoa binh

Visit Thai Traditional Stilt Houses

It is a great opportunity to understand their cultures, living condition, traditional house’s unique architecture, and learn how they work in their terraced fields. Sometimes you can accidentally see local people feed the animal with sugar cane leaf for buffalo or banana leaf for chicken. We encourage you to share a hand on this to get more experiences. Especially you are served a welcome meal full of delicious authentic food here.
thai stilt house in hoa binh

Best Specialties to Taste in Hoa Binh

Com Lam – Sticky Rice in Bamboo Tubes

It is cooked from hilly glutinous rice, having a unique aroma of coconut and coconut milk, a smell of sugar cane mixed with forest leaves. You can enjoy Com Lam with chicken, broth, pickled bamboo shoot,… but doting with sesame salt, which gives you the most delicious taste.
bamboo tube rice hoa binh specialty

Grilled Da River Fish

Locals attach the fish to bamboo grids for being grilled on burning coal. The grilled fish is placed on a piece of green banana leaves blending with salt. The combination of fresh bamboo, banana leaves, and salt makes the dish really attractive.
da river grilled fish in hoa binh province

Ruou Can - Tube Liquor

It is for sure that you will be impressed by its taste and the way people enjoy it. The taste of Ruou Can is different from that of other wine even including rice alcohol which can be quite bitter and stronger. The drink makes you easily get drunk sweetly but keep you conscious. Especially, people enjoy ruou can directly from a jar by using tubes made of small bamboos with a length of 1.2 -1.5m. As a traditional rite, enjoying ruou can helps people join each other.
tube liquor in hoa binh