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Nam Dinh Ecohost Packages

Nam Dinh Province – a sacred land of the Viet people and the spirit of Tran Dynasty is more and more developing, however, it still remains a large number of ancient features appealing thousands of tourists every year. The province significantly embraces 4,000 historical sites and various architectural monuments. You will be also blessed with Nam Dinh cultural heritage of over 100 traditional festivals each year, especially Phu Day Festival regarded as National Intangible and Cultural Heritage. Enjoy the specialties and admire priceless antiquities, you are going to have unforgettably fantastic moments during your holiday in Nam Dinh.

Best Things to Do & See in Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh becomes one of the most popular destinations for anyone who loves traveling and need a meaningful vacation hiding away from the hard-working time. A trip to this tranquil province will offer you a glimpse of its history and significant structures, and harmonious beauty of people.

Vi Khe Bonsai Village

Vi Khe Bonsai Village on the banks of the Red River (Nam Dinh) is a traditional 800-year-old village which is known as the land of flower and ornamental plants in Vietnam. It is well-known for its bonsai trees carefully trimmed care to form and home of many varieties of flowers like the orchid, water-rail, camellia, peony, gladiolus, etc. Especially, you will be amazed at stories associated with the shape of bonsai trees such as a landed dragon, a mother holding her baby, phoenix, horses, khe bonsai village nam dinh ecohost packages

Xuan Thuy National Park

Xuan Thuy National Park is an ideal destination for travelers who are keen on discovering the geographical structure and diverse wetland ecological system. It is home to 120 flora species of restorative and consumable plants as well as a magical habitat of 500 fauna species including birds, sea cat, sea fox, crab, etc. Be mesmerized by the pristine landscape with amazing biodiversity at first sight.xuan thuy national park nam dinh ecohost packages

Salt Village

Salt Village is a must-to-visit destination, promising the best experience in Nam Dinh. For locals, salts are the symbol of life. While adults work in salt fields, children fly kites which carry their dream of having a good harvest of salt. Discover the process of salt making, the harsh lives of salt makers, and enjoy those great experiences.salt village nam dinh ecohost packages

Co Le Pagoda

One of the most fascinating things in Nam Dinh is exploring Co Le Pagoda built under the reign of King Ly Tran Tong (1128-1138) with a view of praying Buddhism. It is an opportunity not only to admire a unique architecture with a combination of Vietnam architecture and European Gothic one but also understand more about the spiritual tradition – le pagoda nam dinh ecohost packages

Best Specialties to Taste in Nam Dinh

Beef Noodle Soup

It is easy to try the dish anywhere in Vietnam, however, Nam Dinh beef noodle soup is still unique. Soft noodles, fresh beef, sweet broth together with individual family secret will impress you a lot. You can taste it in some famous restaurants such as Vien Nhan Lane, Pho Dang Hai Bien, Pho Dien Bien, etc.beef noodle soup nam dinh ecohost packages

Cake Label (Banh Nhan)

The name of the cake comes from its shape which is as yellow and round as label fruit but is made from label fruit. The key ingredients include glutinous rice, eggs, sugar, lard, and more. Bite one piece, you can feel egg flavor, the sweetness of sticky rice, and slightly crunchy exterior. It is better when you enjoy the cake with a cup of tea.Cake Label nam dinh ecohost packages

Xoi Xiu

Xoi Xiu is a unique dish in Nam Dinh with a mixture of sticky rice, barbecue pork, sausage, and special fragrant sauce. Enjoy the fragrance of sticky rice, fleshy sausage, soft xa xiu, and spicy pepper meat sauce. Put a stop at Hoang Van Thu or Hang Sat Street to try this tasty delicacy.xoi xiu nam dinh ecohost packages

Xiu Pao Cake

Not making you disappointed, xiu pao cake gives a tiny and fragrant pie. The main components are wheat bread, meat, egg, flour, and some characteristic spices. Remarkably, meat is often marinated with minced garlic, five spice powder, oyster sauce, honey, and then fried till it turns into brown and fragrant.xiu pao cake nam dinh ecohost packages