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Phu Tho Ecohost Packages

Phu Tho where the first state of Vietnam was formed is regarded as the ancestral land and cradle of the Lac Viet people. Each landscape in Phu Tho may bear historical marks of the national founding and defense. In addition to rustic sceneries, you can explore rich cultural values and experience local’s lifestyles as well during Phu Tho Package.

Best Things to Do & See in Phu Tho

Be blessed with the important historical sites of the nation and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of rustic hometown. Get more understanding of Vietnam history through a series of interesting legends and stories. Moreover, embracing the most distinctive cultural values of more than 20 ethnic groups residing there, Phu Tho is seducing you a lot.

Hung Lo Village

Recognized as a national historical monument in 1990, Hung Lo ancient village has preserved the ancient features including the ancient hundreds-year-old houses, the communal house, and traditional crafts. Especially, you can experience cultural activities community and enjoy Xoan singing here. One thing you should not miss is tasting traditional noodles & Chung Cake as well as the process making. phu tho xoan singing at hung lo village

Hung Temple

Hung Temple is a must-visit-attraction in Phu Tho. It is a complex of majestic architectures including Ha Temple, Gieng Temple, Trung Temple, Tem Thuong Temple, Thien Quang pagoda, King Hung Tomb, and a 700-year-old tree. Each temple has its own purpose and unique ancient architecture. It is for sure that you will be keen on fascinating legends such as the origin of Vietnamese, Vietnam symbols,…while exploring the mysterious beauty here. In case you visit the temple in March of the lunar year, you can have a chance to enjoy King Hung Temple Festival which is one of the most significant festivals to connect Vietnamese people and remind us reversion to the original point. hung temple phu tho

Choi Waterfall

If you are an adventurer, looking for a challenge, Choi Waterfall will not make you disappointed. Choi Waterfall is a system of large and small falls located close together. Thanks to glistening sun rays, the white wall looks like a silver carpet covered by dense green trees. Trekking up to the second waterfall, you can take the panoramic view of its downstream area including immense forest, house roofs in rice and corn fields in the distance, and the romance of Thanh Son. The next fall has a poetic and pure stream as a sleeping beauty in a primitive forest. On the two banks ate huge trees together with colorful butterflies. However, the way is so tough and slippery, be careful! At the end of the stream are two small falls running to a small valley where you can swim for relaxation after trekking a lot. Remember that a life jacket is necessary as the water is quite deep. This wild beauty is challenging your bravery and adventurous spirit. choi waterfall in phu tho province

Specialties to Taste in Phu Tho

Ear Cake

Ear Cake or Banh Hon is a kind of tasty food in Phu Tho served every day, especially in the morning. The name of the cake has nothing to do with human ears or animal ears but it carries the shape of the human ear. The cake has milky-white color, tender crust from rice, greasy filling from pork and attractive smell, therefore it is delicious, healthy, and comfortable to eat. ear cake phu tho specialty

Com Nam La Co - Rice Wrapped by Palm leaves

As a land of palm trees, Phu Ninh - Phu Tho is famous for com nam la co. The rice ball in the palm leaves dotted with salt sesame, salted lemongrass or roasted pork ribs are promising a delicious dish. Rice Wrapped by Palm leaves


You will have a strong impression on the dish thanks to the strong enameling nature of forest and earth flavor. To make a silkworm dish, local first need to prepare an earthenware oven containing burning charcoal from an old palm tree, which makes the dish more special and delicate. Silkworm phu tho specialty