The Fact About Vietnam Homestay

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Homestay which offers an insight into the daily life of local people is more and more popular in Vietnam. Ecohost will deliver you the fact about Vietnam homestay so that you can consider this amazing experience during Vietnam eco tours.

Why we should stay at Vietnam homestay?

It is an unprecedented and rewarding experience when you can be closer to the local life & the nature with fabulous landscapes and escape from the hectic atmospheres of the bustling cities. You can soak up in the essence of a country to experience a simpler and more rustic way of life. The tour also leads you to the unique and typical sites of these small local communities such as forgotten temples, pagodas with incense smoke, communal houses, village schools, or the rustic farmers working on their fields, etc. When staying at homestay, you can spend the evening time sharing dinner with a local family. It is high time for you to learn the secrets of local cuisine, local customs, and daily life.

The fact about Vietnam Homestay

Material Facilities at Vietnam Homestay

Homestay Vietnam

It is clear that staying at a homestay will offer a simpler and more rustic than other styles. It shows the real local life and you should consider if you are ready for a trial life.

Homestays are simple houses made of wood with many piles located on the mountainous areas. Depending on the region, the bedroom of homestay can be separated or not. In case sleeping rooms are not separated, curtains are equipped to allow tourists to own more private space. It provides tourists mattresses placed on the wooden floor and mosquito nets for the night. The cooking area is traditionally adjacent to the house as an additional part. Tourists can join the daily meal to learn more about the local cuisine, share interesting stories or exchange culture with each other. Like other styles, Bathrooms at homestays are furnished with hot water and toilets.

In any case, you should respect the local customs when discovering natural and cultural beauty.

Some Typical Vietnam Homestays

Houses on Stilts

Houses on Stilts

You can find houses on stilts in the hill-tribe villages that enhance imposing scenes of the highlands. The kinds of houses are built almost in the Northern regions such as Ha Giang, Sa Pa, Mai Chau, Moc Chau, Pu Luong, Mu Cang Chai, etc.

Riverside Homestays

Riverside Homestays

The riverside homestay can be found in the Mekong Delta. Built from wood and palm leaves on the banks, the riverside homestay offers a fascinating view to the river. It is more comfortable than the house on the mountainous areas thanks to cool air from Mekong and advantage facilities of the delta. When staying at the riverside homestay, you can use the available bicycles to stroll around the village or rowboats to explore some narrow canals.

Modern Homestays

Modern Homestays

Since homestay is more and more popular, it is built in tourism cities such as Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh, Hoi An, Da Lat, and Ho Chi Minh. These modern homestays are full of facilities like the standard hotel with air condition, private balcony, mini fridge, hairdryer, etc. However, homestay serves less than 10 rooms and you can easy to chat with a host or cook in the kitchen on your own.

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