Top 5 Essential Tips for Wonderful Hanoi Eco Tours

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Hanoi – the heart of Vietnam is well-known not only valuable national elites but also delicious specialties & the friendliness of Hanoians. It is such a hectic city but the buzz of the city electrifies tourists, therefore, Hanoi is certainly worth a visit in your Vietnam eco tour. Here are some notes you need to know before discovering Hanoi.

Travel Tip #1: How to Catch the Most Beautiful Scenery of Hanoi

The best time to explore Hanoi is in the fall from August to October. Hanoi is in the most beautiful time when the rainy season ends, the sky is clear, the temperature is at the average level, and the sun is not too harsh. Therefore, all the above weather factors create the best condition to join Hanoi eco tour.

For those who prefer the cold weather, you can discover Hanoi in the last months (November or December). At that time, Hanoi offers you plenty of delicious winter specialties besides well-liked tourist attractions.

Travel Tip #2: How to Avoid Getting Lost

Hanoi has a plexus of streets like a maze. In general, most streets in the Old Quarter intermingle, which makes you easily get lost. If you explore Hanoi alone or with some friends not knowing the way in a clear manner, the best advice is using a Hanoi map (you can take it from your hotel) or a smartphone with the positioning function.

Travel Tip #3: How to Visit Some Sacred Places

Hanoi or Vietnam, in general, offers a large system of sacred temples and pagodas. One thing you should keep in your mind is that Vietnamese people dress very conservatively. When you visit sacred places such as temples, pagodas, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, you should wear discreetly and behave politely in order to respect Vietnamese fine customs.

tran quoc pagoda in hanoi

Travel Tip #4: How to Avoid the Heat in the Summer

Tourists are normally afraid of the heat in the summer in Hanoi. At that time, it is severely hot and the temperature can be even up to 42 degrees Celsius. To avoid getting heat-prostration, you should bring some water, comfortable items of clothing which can absorb sweat, and other accessories such as a wide-brimmed hat, an umbrella, the sunscreen, etc.

Travel Tip #5: How to Shop in Hanoi

To explore the culture and cuisine, the market is always is an ideal place. Markets in Hanoi will provide you with everything you need. However, Ecohost highly recommends you should plan to go to the market at noon. In case you go there in the early morning, you should not bid acrimoniously or change items because most vendors in Vietnam are quite fastidious. Except for the early morning, you should haggle when buying items in the markets.

how to shop in hanoi

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