Top 7 Must-See Destinations in Northern Vietnam

Top 7 Must-See Destinations in Northern Vietnam

As one of the most scenic countries across the world, every region of Vietnam offers its own wonders. However, you will find the most beautiful and extraordinary nature in the northern part of the country. Here is a list of 8 must-see destinations in northern Vietnam.

Top 7 Destinations in Northern Vietnam

Halong Bay

It is a pity if you explore northern Vietnam without visiting Halong Bay – one of Seven Wonders of the World. It is a great chance to be immersed in stunningly majestic landscapes of karts and isles in various sizes and shapes. It also entices you with the home of 14 endemic floral species and 60 endemic faunal species as well as the specialty food. Ecohost recommends you should take a one- or two-night cruise to embrace its whole beauty.

halong bay in quang ninh province


Sapa in the northwest of Vietnam is famous for its picturesque and poetic beauty. Besides majestic landscapes of terraced rice paddies, rolling hills, imposing mountains, and magnificent valleys, it boasts the roof of Indochina – Fasipan with a panoramic view of Sapa. Guides also offer trekking to some of the remote minority villages and you will have a chance to get a better understanding of many culture and customs of diverse ethnic groups as well as the friendly local people. To discover this ecotourism site perfectly and experience local life, you should stay at homestay.

sapa vietnam

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is a must-see attraction during your Vietnam Ecotourism holiday. Take a ride boat on some tranquil rivers and marvel at the rugged karst terrain, mountain goats, and lush foliage as you glide along river waterways through an array of dark grottoes. You can get easy access to Ninh Binh-day trip from Hanoi, though if you want to stay longer, check out Cuc Phuong National Park, Mua Cave (Dancing Cave), Bai Dinh Pagoda, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Van Long Natural Reserve.

bai dinh ninh binh northern vietnam

Ha Giang

It takes a six-hour drive from Hanoi to visit Ha Giang – a spectacular part of the northeast mountainous region. You are overwhelmed by endless terraced rice paddies climb to the summits of the surrounding mountains, extending beyond the horizon. In addition, you can discover the hidden charms such as Southeast Asia’s deepest canyon, 22 ethnic minorities with their distinct customs, poetic Nho Que River, imposing mountains, incredible waterfalls, an ancient castle, etc. It is for sure that you will totally keep the memorable moment in Ha Giang.

ha giang northern vietnam


Hanoi is considered a pearl of the country where you can observe well-preserved colonial building, ancient pagodas, and unique museums within the city center. A great site to explore on foot, this city embraces savory cuisine, vibrant nightlife, traditional handicrafts, and a multi-cultural community due to Chinese, French and Russian influences. What is a pity if you forget to try a cup of egg coffee when you explore this most ancient city in the world.

hanoi old quarter vietnam

Moc Chau

Moc Chau is a beautiful town of greenery and the paradise of fog along Vietnam’s gorgeous Northwest Loop. It allures you with ethnic Thai stilt house, stunning caves, waterfalls in the rich hilly terrain, and prominent landmarks. Imagine that you can ride a bike around the villages to touch the real rustic countryside under the chili atmosphere, which is so amazing. Soak up Thai ethnic tribe’s culture and customs through daily activities and dancing “mua sap”.

moc chau son la vietnam

Nam Dinh

Only two hours of driving from Hanoi, Nam Dinh is a place that you should not miss out in the itinerary during your Vietnam eco tour. Marvel at 4000 historical sites, numerous architecture monuments, and various traditional villages of handicrafts such as bonsai, trumpet, silk, etc. Experience the local life when you share meals with the host at homestay, help the locals in the salt fields, and enjoy traditional music show as well. We bet that the days in Nam Dinh will last forever together with time in your mind.

nam dinh nature northern vietnam

The Best Time to Visit Northern Vietnam

Depend on your interests and the rest of your itinerary to consider the best time to visit Northern Vietnam

• If you visit other parts of Southeast Asia as a part of your trip, October may be the best time thanks to the best balance of weather and a chance to admire ripen rice in the terrace.
• If you consider a trek in Northern Vietnam, the best time is in April and May, and then again in October and November.
• If you want to admire the terraces at their finest, the best time is between August and early October, when the rice is still in the terraces.
• If you prefer to see how the locals plant rice, you can come in June.

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