Tran Temple in Nam Dinh – Architecture & Festival

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Get lost in the ancient beauty of Nam Dinh during your eco-tour, Tran Temple Complex where Kings of Tran Dynasty and their mandarins are worshipped is touted as a must-visit-pilgrimage destination. Take a sightseeing time to discover its architecture, get a deep knowledge of Vietnam history, and immerse yourself in a tranquil atmosphere as well.

History of Tran Temple

The place of the Tran Temple now had been the one of Trung Quang Palace and a temple worshipping the Tran Royal Family. Its origin complex was demolished by the Ming Troops in the 15th century. The Tran Temple was built in the late 17th century to commemorate Tran Kings and their mandarins’ huge merits.

The Architecture of Tran Temple Complex

It consists of three temples such as Thien Truong Temple, Co Trach Temple, and Trung Hoa Temple. Like other Vietnam temples, Tran Temple Complex features Vietnamese architecture such as the curved roof, poles with old-Chinese words, the main color of red and yellow, the image of dragons flanking the moon, etc. Let’s explore all the significant meanings of these features to understand clearly about Vietnam culture.

Thien Truong Temple

The temple comprises four compartments like Tien Duong, Trung Duong, Chinh Tam, Thieu Huong dedicated to ceremonies, the 14 kings of the Tran Dynasty, the four forefathers of the Tran Family, and the mandarins under the Tran Dynasty respectively. Wives of the Tran Kings are commemorated on the two sides of the main one in the temple.

thien truong temple in tran temple

Co Trach Temple

Co Trach Temple (meaning the old house) was known as the place of General Tran Hung Dao’s home. It concludes 4 compartments such as Tien Duong, Trung Duong, Chinh Tam, Thieu Huong worshipping the three generals of Tran Hung Dao (Pham Ngo, Pham Ngu Lao, Nguyen Che Nghia), Tran Hung Dao and his four sons, Tran Hung Dao’s parents and his family, and a statue of Tran Hung Dao and 9 Buddhist statues respectively. The sides of the temple are home to altars honoring the generals under Tran Hung Dao’s commands.

co trach temple in tran temple

Trung Hoa Temple

Trung Hoa Temple to the west of the complex was built on the same site of the Trung Hoa palace where the Tran Kings would return to his home village to look for advice from the kings’ fathers. The temple remains 14 bronze statues of 14 Tran Kings.

trung hoa temple tran temple

Tran Temple Festival

If you pay a visit to Tran Temple from the 15th – 20th of the lunar August, do not miss the Tran Temple Festival serving as pride of indigenous inhabitants and a reminder of finding the way back to the roots of the Viet’s nation. On their arrival, everyone does pray for the good fortune in life. Tran temple Festival includes 2 main parts like processions and activates.

tran temple festival

The festival delivers processions from neighboring villages to the temple. The incense-offering ritual involves in 14 virgins taking 14 trays of flowers into the temple and putting them on thrones in the musical vibration. This act is the same as one of the former feudal courts. Besides, the festival offers a wide variety of cultural activities such as cock-fighting, five-generation fighting art performances, wrestling, unicorn dance, bai bong dance, sword dance, cheo singing, van singing, etc. Try dipping yourself into the hectic festival in a solemn place during your Vietnam holiday.

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