Travel Risks To Vietnam – Safety, Warnings And Tips

Travel risks to Vietnam

In general, Vietnam is a non-high risk country whether it is a solo female traveler or family with children. Nevertheless, there are some Vietnam travel risks which tourists should know to have a hassle-free trip to Vietnam. Through the article, Ecohost will offer you several essential health and safety guides for your stay in Vietnam.

Travel Risks of Health Problem during the Trip

Tropical diseases – Seasonal Illness


Due to the tropical climate, it is easy to find a number of infectious diseases in Southeast Asia. Although this situation is improving, you should be mindful of malaria and dengue fever when traveling to Northern Vietnam. Especially, it is advisable that you avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes by wearing long pants in the evening and using mosquitoes spray during the daytime. Try not to open the window when you sleep in your hotel or homestay in rural areas.

Thermal Shock

Thermal Shock

The weather also causes some Vietnam travel risks. As an extended country, the temperature changes significantly from the North to the South. Normally, you will feel unpleasant with the heat in Vietnam. Sunburn and sunstroke will affect your health unless you wear sunscreen and other sun-protection things like sunglasses, hats, and long-sleeve shirts. Remember to bring a bottle of water to avoid dehydration. Do not join activities at noon in summer.


Vietnam Food


Vietnam Food is a mixture of many things. Despite of its tasty flavor, Vietnam Food threatens to tourists as many kinds of food contain peanut and gluten. In case you are allergic to any kinds of food, please inform to your travel agent, tour guide, and restaurants, they will serve you appropriate dishes. Remember to pack some medicines and carry your clinical record in case of emergency.

Allergy to food

Pollen of Flowers

Pollen allergy is a barrier when discovering Vietnam Ecotourism. The symptoms of the allergy are sneezing, water eyes, and runny nose. To avoid this situation, skip wandering Hanoi Streets and discover Hanoi eco tours instead.

Allergy to Pollen of Flowers

Food Poisoning

It is obvious that it is not safe to drink tap water in Vietnam. You should by bottled water or boiled water using electric kettles at your hotel or homestay.
It is a pity when you miss feast your sense of street food in Vietnam though street food here is a bet. You should use your instinct to look for restaurants with a large number of customers and hygiene standards. Pack some anti-diarrhea medicines together with you.

Food Poisoning


It is a pressing problem in some major cities in Vietnam due to the hectic traffic and industry. If you confront with respiratory issues, buy a medical mask while traveling around the cities during rush hour. In case you want to seek the rustic beauty and stunningly natural landscapes, you can consider Vietnam eco tour packages.

What to Do If You Get Hurt

In case of an emergency, you should call for support from your home country’s embassy. Save the emergency contact on your phone.

Other Vietnam Travel Risks and Travel Guides

Pretty Crime

To avoid the crime, it is recommended for you to be a minimalist and only take what you need. Remember to keep valuable items out of sight, avoid flaunting wealth, and stay away from crowded areas. Spread your valuable items in different bags. Retrain yourself from taking shots or using phone while walking on the street.



At some tourist spots, you can be chased after by beggars and touts who sell chewing gum, souvenirs, etc. They will follow you until you buy the items. The best advice in the case is saying “no” without hesitating and they will give up a few moments later. When discovering the mountainous areas, some ethnic kids will ask you for money. Never to give them money so that they don’t tend to skip school and become a beggar.

In addition, some Vietnamese traders try to overcharge. Try to ask the price and negotiate by some tips for haggling ( when you buy anything.

Taxi Scam is another Vietnam travel risk in some major cities. Fake taxis can be taken at the airport, train stations, tourist spots, etc. Never get on the taxi which does not have a meter. Ecohost recommends two prestigious taxi brands in Vietnam including Vinasun (028 38 27 27 27) and Mai Linh (024 38 33 33 33). You can also take a grab in many provinces and cities in Vietnam.

Crazy Traffic

Traffic jam

As the second largest motorbike ownership in the world, traffic dangers your life when you try to cross the road. In peak hours, traffic jam happens and it is so horrible. Consider some insider’s tips ( when you encounter Vietnam traffic.

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