The Unique Beauty of the Ruined Church in Nam Dinh

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In the northern province of Nam Dinh, Hai Ly Ruined Church is a must-see attraction appealing to many tourists and photographers thanks to its wild beauty and perfect harmony among sea, sun, wind and white sand. Significantly, you will have a chance to witness the atmosphere of fishing activities at the market surrounding this church in the morning.

History of the Ruined Church

The Heart Church located in Hai Ly commune, Hai Hau district, Nam Dinh province is built in 1943 by French with a view of convergence point of Catholics. According to a report, in 1996, the village along the Xuong Dien beach and lots of churches disappeared due to seawater invasion. Luckily, the Heart Church remains but it is not intact. That is a reason why the local people also call it “the Ruined Church” as another name.

What Makes the Ruined Church Unique 

The Ruined Church’s Fabulous Architecture

In the beginning, its architecture was designed precisely, magnificent, and maintainable with soft arches, high pillars along the coast. Especially, each wall is designed with various lines and sophisticated patterns of religious expression together with a wish for a prosperous future. Its bell tower is regarded as a lighthouse for local fishermen. In addition, this church on the coast represents confidence for seagoing fishermen.

hai ly ruined church vietnam ecohost

However, the seawater invaded this church and damaged this church a lot, which leads to its abandonment from 1996 to the present. The architecture inside the church is faded worn. After broken mortar, we can see bricks apparently. The statue of the church was destroyed and its wall covers grass and moss. Whenever the tide rises, it flooded the church around 1 meter. Therefore, the local government constructed the embankment and raises public awareness of environmental conservation as well. Despite the broken architecture, this church still remains a unique beauty and fishermen’s belief.

Bustling Activities at a Coastal Market around the Ruined Church

If you come here every early morning, you not only admire a stunning sunrise on the beach but also catch the fishing activities at the market. It is a great chance for you to learn more about the life of fishermen.

Best Time To Visit the Ruined Church

To witness the most gorgeous moment of the church and the pristine beauty of the beach, you should visit here at dawn and dusk.

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