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One of more than 70 craft villages in Nam Dinh which has a wider potential for the development of Vietnam ecotourism is Vi Khe Bonsai Village. Being more than 800 years old, Vi Khe Bonsai Village is known as a fatherland of flowers and bonsais in Vietnam. Plunge yourself into the Vi Khe Bonsai Village to admire magnificent trees cut in shape of unique styles, promising the most impressive day during your Vietnam holiday.

What to Do & See in Vi Khe Bonsai Village

Vi Khe is home to a wider array of flower breeders such as white peach, orchid, cymbidium, azaleas, thea amplexicaulis, Dahlia, gladiolus, gerberas, etc. Especially, as a resource to marinate tea, a garden and fences full of aglaia odorata are grown. You are also welcome to the village by a gate made from aglaia odorata.

vi khe bonsai village

Explore Vi Khe Bonsai village, many exhibitors will be amazed by the craftsmen’s cleverness when skillfully bending trees in the shapes of beasts, One Pillar Pagoda, Constellation of Literature pavilion, Pho Minh Tower, etc. Vi Khe also boasts a variety of ornamental plants such as banyan, fig, and sesame bud… with many unique styles to head to the truth, kindness, and beauty in life. Do not forget to admire a 300-year-old bonsai that has won a Hue Imperial Palace Award. Especially, you will have a great chance to hear artisans introduce shapes of trees and their profound meanings to get a deep understanding of Vietnam culture. In addition, you can put a stop at a temple that worships the ancestor of the craft village and listen to the history of the village as well.

The Vi Khe Bonsai & Flower Festivals

Vi Khe bonsai and flower festival is held from 12th to 16th of the first lunar month every year in the communal house with an aim to honoring the ancestor of the craft village; creating an opportunity for artisans to exchange and display stunning works; seeking cooperation, and introducing traditional village to tourists.

temple of literature vi khe bonsai village

Like other festivals, it consists of two parts including the ceremony and the festival. The ceremony concludes rituals such as male sacrifices, female priests, flower and bonsai processions for village communal houses, incense offering to ancestors. The rest one comprises activities like precious flower & bonsai exhibition, performing arts and folk games (human flags, Chinese chess, cockfighting, tug-of-war…). Especially, it organizes a competition of creating tree style which leaves a strong impression on nature lovers most.

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