Vietnam is One of the 10 Hottest Destinations in 2019

tran quoc pagoda in hanoi ecohost asia

According to a reporter of Vietnam News Agency in New York, USTOA declared that Vietnam is regarded as one of the 10 hottest destinations in the world in 2019.

The selection of this list is based on the recent survey’s results of PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

The information is published in USAToday with the title “Where do US tourists want to explore in 2019?” The evaluation of USTOA indicated that Italy is considered the most attractive destination in 2019, second is Iceland, followed by Japan, Vietnam, Australia, France, Spain, Colombia, Cambodia, and Portugal respectively.

USTOA’s members also list the worldwide 10 emerging destinations. Iceland continues to be ranked first, followed by Cambodia, Croatia, Colombia, Vietnam, Portugal, Bhutan, Bolivia, Myanmar, and Ethiopia respectively.

hoi an ancient town in quang nam

“It is so fascinating to see that 5 destinations including Iceland, Cambodia, Colombia, Vietnam, and Portugal are put into both lists of the worldwide hottest and emerging destinations. This shows that adventurous travel experiences continue to be chosen by many US travelers. ” Terry Dale – President and CEO of USTOA said.

Meanwhile, a recent survey of showed that 45% of the 21,500 travelers around the world said they wanted to experience and discover more about the selection of destinations in 2019 than that in 2018.

Regarding the trend of tourism in 2019, USAToday indicated that traveling experience and cultural tourism continue to be given priority in 2019. About 82% of USTOA members are providing tours which help tourists experience culture and arts. This tour ranks the first selected position by the US tourists in 2018.

cu chi tunnels in ho chi minh city

The newspaper also mentioned another tourism trend. Many tourists chose to rent large apartments through Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and many other websites instead of booking hotels. In addition, the Innovation Group’s annual trend report found out that generation Z (those born from 1990 to the early 2000s) starts traveling and major firms in the world are giving an eye to them. Z- Generation wants to get an authentic travel experience at a reasonable price.

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