Vietnam Art & Cultural Activities on the Special Occasion of Liberation Day in Hanoi

Management Board of Hanoi Old Quarter informs about art and cultural activities on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Liberation Day (30/4) & the International Day of Labor (01/5), the 65th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu Liberation Day, and President Ho Chi Minh’s 129 year-birthday.

The first cultural activity will be an organization of an exhibition and a talk show to introduce traditional village and honor our ancestor’s traditional job with the theme of “Do Paper in the past and present”. The opening of the exhibition will take place at 3 pm on 24/4 in Kim Ngan Communal House, 42-44 Hang Bac, Hanoi. The exhibition will provide you with a knowledge of materials, tools to create paper, and cultural products on Do paper in the past and present (from 24/4 – 25/5). The talk show will be held at 9 am on 4/5 with the participation of distinguished guests such as artisans, craftsmen from the Do paper villages, and cultural & historical researchers.

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The next cultural one will be held on Phung Hung Fresco Street with a theme of “the Essence of Vietnam Craft” (from 27/4 to 1/5). The opening ceremony will take place at 7:30 pm on 27/4 on Phung Hung Fesco Street.

At that time, various cultural activities will be carried out in order to introduce and respect typical items from traditional villages in Hanoi such as Van Phuc Silk, Bat Trang Ceramics, Ha Thai Lacquer, Chang Son Fan, Phu Vinh Bamboo, and Rattan, etc. In addition, there will be an exhibition of 2019 Spring-Summer collection innovated by famous designers. You can also enjoy traditional music performances at 7:30 pm-9:30 pm on 27/4-1/5.

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The exhibition with the topic “War and Peace” will take place from 28/4 to 9/5 at Hanoi Old Quarter Cultural Exchange Center (50 Dao Duy Tu, Hanoi. Many paintings about historical events, soldiers’ portraits, landscapes, and people created by an artist Nguyen Quoc Thai will be displayed here.

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