Vietnam Traffic & Insider’s Tips to Survive

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If you travel around Vietnam, especially big cities, it comes as a surprise that the main ingredient of Vietnam traffic is the motorbikes. According to statistics in early 2016, the number of registered scooters in Vietnam is over 37 million, ranking the second largest motorcycle ownership in the world only after Taiwan. During the peak hours (7-8 am or 5-6 pm), a traffic jam on the day always happens on the roads, which makes everyone so tired. In spite of investment in road traffic, Vietnam traffic’s quality remains poor.

The most significant note is that the sense of participation in Vietnam traffic is so poor. Some of them go fast without helmets and cross the red light. When being stuck at the crowd, most people ride their motorbikes on the pavement instead of waiting. While children are taught about the traffic laws, the adults are making a breach of the law.

What is the Key Reason of this Crazy Traffic?

The most important factor to cause crazy traffic is the shortage of infrastructures. In big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, there is no subway system. Also, they have very few public buses and highways. As a result, people can only move by taxi, cars or motorbikes. Moreover, the roads in Vietnam offer few traffic lights, which causes many troubles for both drivers and pedestrians.

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Ultimate Tips to Survive When Travelling in Vietnam

  • Although the traffic light turns green for the pedestrian, there will be traffic coming from different angles. Therefore, crossing in Vietnam is so difficult and dangerous. Please watch the local’s behavior and a suitable situation when they cross. Or you can cross with them, they will protect you from vehicles.
  • Be always alert and keep control when you cross a road in Vietnam. If you do not, your life depends on the skills of the drivers.
  • Do not spend hours waiting to cross the street since the continuous tide of traffic won’t stop until midnight.
  • Do give way to any vehicles that are bigger than yours such as trucks, buses, etc.
  • Exercise caution of unfamiliar obstacles on the road such as rocks of various sizes, broken-down trucks, deep holes, missing bridges, people sitting on the road, etc.
  • Do not trust Google Maps in the Hanoi Old Quarter and Ho Chi Minh City. It is easy for you to get lost or go into one-way streets. It is recommended that you should travel together with a local guide or friend.
  • Whenever you walk on the pavements, be careful since motorbikes may go behind you.
  • Plan your activities to avoid the rush hours ( 7-8 am and 5-6 pm)

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